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Christchurch Men's 4, St. Columba's Table..... I am Pihopa Rawiri, Bishop David from the Diocese of Waiapu.  I am completely and utterly delighted that Cursillo has been gifted to the Diocese of Waiapu by the Dioceses of Wellington and Waikato-Taranaki.  Equally, I am exceedingly thankful as I watch the number of Cursillistas increase as Cursillo grows throughout this place of "abundant waters."

De Colores and Arohanui
+David (2008-2014)


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Breaking News

Breaking News

  Great News! We have a lot to celebrate!

Our Combined 2 team is solely Waiapu laypeople – a historic first!

We praise God for calling Cursillistas to serve on C2 team.

      Combined 2, 16-19 October 2014, 
MiCamp Taupō, near Turangi.

Registrations are open. Lay Directors Sybil and Jim Gibson have formed their team. They are committed and enthusiastic. Can we attract 20 registrations?

Who are you going to bring along to Combined 2? Please pray for these people now, talk to them, companion them… lead them to Cursillo. Do take action … you are the life-blood of Cursillo. You are the ones that will help Cursillo to grow. If you love what Cursillo did for you, make that known to others. They  may want to experience Cursillo for themselves.  

Timeline 2014


8 - Sec Meeting +LDs C2
16-19  - C2 at MiCamp, Taupō
DLD Newsletter/Comms
NZACC meeting tbc


15 – DDU/Ultreya
12 - Sec Meeting +LDs C2 (report) & LDs W3 & C3


DLD Newsletter/Comms



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Who's behind Cursillo in Waiapu ?

Pre Cursillo Coordinators
Post Cursillo Coordinator
Resources coordinators  palanca coordinator
Pre-Cursillo: Tim and Tina Post-Cursillo: Dot Resources:Jim and Sybil Palanca:Hanlie
Diocesan Spiritual Director
Diocesan Lay Director
Diocesan Communications Director
Diocesan Cursillo Secretary
Diocesan Spiritual
Director: Richard
Diocesan Lay
Director: Gail
Diocesan Communications
 Director: Leo
Diocesan Secretary/
Treasurer/Registrar: Mary


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