Hiona-St Stephen’s, Opotiki

Hiona-St Stephen’s, Opotiki

Hiona-St Stephen’s sits in the midst of painful stories of Maori-Pākeha relationships of previous generations and is therefore aware of the depth of emotion in any reconciliation process. It is a parish committed to its community and tries to provide creative worship within a traditional framework.

Contact in the first instance:
Regional Dean: Reverend Adrienne Bruce    (021) 432 768
Email: adriennebruce@waiapu.com

Sunday - 8.00 am – traditional communion. 9.30 am – Lively Eucharist which always includes engagement with children
Wednesday -Communion each week at both Peria House and Thornton Park Rest Homes.   Thursday, 10.00 am - Eucharist.

Ethos: A servant congregation with a strong sense of community loyalty built around historical and family connections. New people welcomed, old relationships nurtured while working towards building a community of faith in Opotiki.

Ethnicity: Mainly Pākeha, some Māori and others e.g. Tongan, in an increasingly Maori community context with Te Reo used each Sunday as an integral part of the liturgy. A re-developing relationship with the Torere congregation with combined worship each 5th Sunday of the month at Torere or Hiona.

Children: Children are an integral part of the life of the 9.30 am congregation and play their part alongside the adults. Children are always catered for at this service.

Social: Morning tea after service on Sunday and Thursday. Fellowship Group meets monthly.

Outreach: Bereavement Support Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.00 pm; Beach clean-up group (twice-yearly); Global Mission Group – meets monthly for prayer and informs  congregation; Currently exploring the possibility of providing daycare for elderly and those coping with early-stage dementia; communicate the Anglican mission story in Opotiki in partnership with the local museum over the road; Pastoral work with older residents; partners with Anglican Childcare (Whakatane) in providing childcare. Growing through Grief Anglican Care programme also based in the area.

Highlights: Mokomoko and Volkner, symbols for reconciliation. Constantly celebrating continuing reconciliation through tours of our historic church; annual fair.