Waikohu stretches deep into the hills of western Eastland, embracing a number of small scattered communities.  The theology of the parish is warmly Evangeilical with a stron emphasis on the saving power of Christ. Lay ministry is encouraged at every level, and a vibrant youth ministry is centre in the township of Te Karaka.

Contact: Paul & Carolyn Sparks - Phone: (06) 863 5008
Email: pcsparks@orcon.net.nz

 Worship: Varies according to leadership; Eucharist from prayer book but fairly informal, family centred with music group (60-75 mins).

Ethos:  Friendly, Evangelical-charismatic; common purpose but diversity encouraged; serves as community church.

Ethnicity: Pakeha/Maori; Te Reo used in places, with Maori worship songs.

Children: Sunday school at three church centres; large youth group at Te Karaka.

Social: Morning tea after worship; 5th Sunday combined worship followed by lunch.

Outreach: Foodbank; concerts in local college.

Highlights: Christmas, Easter, Pentecost.