All Saints, Weber

All Saints, Weber
Weber is a dot of a country town composed of a district school, a church and a few houses. The church draws its faith community from the extensive farming district. Young farming families make up much of the congregation

All Saints Church, Weber Rd, RD 10, Dannevirke (about 34km away)
Parish Administrator: Sue Morgans, Ph 06 374-3650

Sunday - 9.30am: Family Communion every second Sunday of the month. Informal worship in a family-friendly church. Music mainly from Alleluia Aotearoa and Faith Forever Singing. Worship team sometimes wildly creative, like dancing the Gospel reading.

Hospitality: Cup of tea after the service at the back of church or across road in school. Disabled access: two steps into front porch.

Ethos: Ecumenical and welcoming; relaxed and child-focussed.

Ethnicity: Pakeha.

Children: Either Sunday school or children’s focus in service.

Social: Biennial gala, shared meals, working bees.

Training: Seasonal, based on farming workloads.

Outreach: ‘Welcome to Weber’ kit available; Bible in schools; pre-school music; Top Parish involvement; special events in outlying areas.

Highlights: Easter and Christmas, with carols at Akitio beach; Top Parish; gala.