St Andrew’s, Westshore

Westshore is a suburban local shared ministry parish led by an enthusiastic team of clergy and lay people. The worship is NZ Prayer Book, but with creative embellishments.The hall is a beautifully restored historic church, and the op shop is a focus for the local community.

Administrator, Meg Dawson, Ph 06 843-1367, fax 06 843-1371
Church and Op shop, 110 Charles St, Westshore.
Ph: 06 835-0116

Worship - Sunday:
9.30am - 14th August - Eucharist Healing Missions Sunday
9.30am - 21st August - Eucharist. --- 4.30pm Visit to Tutira Church
9.30am - 28th August - Eucharist. 
9.30am - 4th September - Morning Worship. 

Ethos: St Andrew’s offers worship and loving service as we seek to walk with Christ in our community. Friendly and welcoming. All cultures welcome. Appropriate use of Te Reo Maori in services.

Children: Welcome. Supervised children’s activity space in church during worship. A children's address whenever children are present.  A three day holiday programme in Spring school holidays.

Social: Morning tea after services; Women’s Fellowship; Maundy Thurs meal.

Training:  Weekly bible Study and friendship 9Monday afternoons; Lenten studies; lay input to worship encouraged.

Outreach: Monthly magazine; weekly drop-in group; Ezee meals; op shop; supports CCL and Anglican Care; RE in country school; income from Op Shop and local trust enables the parish to offer significant financial support to a number of local and nationa charities.

Highlights: Welcoming new people; Anzac service; Maundy Thurs meal; Christmas (including nativity play), Pentecost, and other festivals.
Musical Concerts: The Church has very good acoustics and is suitable as a concert venue for audiences up to 90 people.  Please contact the Administrator for further details