St John the Baptist, Dannevirke

St John’s Church is on the main road through Dannevirke. The building is a beautifully built stone gothic style with traditional layout. Dannevirke is a country town servicing a large rural hinterland.

St John the Baptist, 174 High St, PO Box 169, Dannevirke
Parish Secretary, Michelle Haye
Office hours: During School Terms  Tues-Fri, 12noon - 3pm.  Out of School Terms 9am - 12noon.
Phone: (06) 374 7407
174 High St, Dannevirke
St Alban’s, Kumeti Rd, Te Rehunga, Dannevirke

Sunday - 8am: Holy Eucharist and hymns (1hr)
Sunday - 10am: FamilyPrayz Eucharist, an all age service for families & singles. Contemporary meaningful music. (1hr) 
Thursday - 10am: Traditional Communion. (1/2 hr)
Morning Prayer: 9.15 am - 9.30 am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
Occasionally - Tikanga Maori Communion Service at 10.00am.
First Sunday of the month - rural service at St Albans, Te Rehunga, Dannevirke.
4th Sunday of the month - Evensong at 4.00pm.

Hospitality: A cup of tea after the service at the back of the church.  Disabled access to church through side-door.
Ethos: Friendly, inclusive and welcoming.

Ethnicity: Mainly European NZers with a little Te Reo. 
Children: FamilyPrayz service is especially geared towards families with young children.
School Holiday Programme. Preschool music each Thursday during the school term.  Drama club each Friday afternoopn during the school term.

Social:  Christmas tree decorating & BBQ Seder supper; pancake supper; dinners, morning & afternoon teas. Dinners, morning and afternoon teas

Outreach: Anglican Care, Home Careforce, Home Based Childcare, Dannevirke Family Services (counselling).
Anglican Social Services 2nd largest employer in town.

Highlights: Holy week liturgies; Simply Put - an informal inquiry into Christian Faith and Living.  Christmas Pageant, St Francis Animal Blessing.