St Peter’s, Waipawa

St Peter’s, Waipawa
Waipawa has five country churches. The main church of St Peter’s, in Kenilworth St, is stone gothic with beautiful stained-glass. The mainly older congregation is led by a local ministry team supported by visiting clergy. Worship tends towards the traditional, and the people are friendly and welcoming.
Other churches:
St James, Henderson St, Otane
Omakere Church Hall, Pourerere Rd
Christ Church, Pukehou, Main Hwy.
Good Shepherd, Ongaonga
St Francis, Tikokino

Hugh McBain, Ph 06 856-8293

Sunday - 10am: Communion or Family Worship at St Peter’s, a friendly and welcoming congregation. Visiting clergy – you’ll never know who might come!
Midweek Communion service usually on 3rd Thursday at 10am but check with Hugh.
St James, Otane, 10am: Communion service usually 2nd and 4th Sundays
Times and dates of services in the country churches vary. Best to call Hugh to check.

Hospitality: Cup of tea and plunger coffee after service at back of church. Disabled access: level front entrance.

Ethos: Wide variety of views.

Ethnicity: Mainly Pakeha.

Children: Activities during main service.

Social: Morning tea after Sunday service; occasional social events.

Training: Plenty of opportunities.

Outreach: Close liaison with Anglican social services.

Highlights: Christmas, Easter, patronal festival.