Diocesan Canons


Click on this link to see a full PDF A4 Version of the Waiapu Diocesan Canons 2016

Amendments to Canons following the First Session of the 61st Synod held at All Saints' Parish, Taradale, 20/21 September, 2014:- 

A Bill to Amalgmate Te Hapara and Gisborne Parish - Statute 165 - Amalgamation of Te Hapara & Gisborne Parishes to form Gisborne Parish 2014.
Canon 15 of the Cathedral Chapter - Clause 3 - 'Each period of appointment for a two year term' - Amendment 2016 - Clause 3 reverted back to 'Each period of appointment for a three year term' as this was changed in error in 2014 after a motion only, and not a bill.
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To Print: Download and photocopy 1-2 sided.
Amendment 2004 - C1 - Guidelines for Clergy Service Leave - Clause (a) - 'All ordained clergy will be eligible for a maximum of 3 months leave after 7 years of service in any Diocese. Service Leave may take the form of study, training and/or recreation.'