Parish of Central Hawkes Bay

Central Hawkes Bay Parish was created in October 2015 - an amalgamation of the parishes of Waipawa, Waipukurau, Takapau, and Porangahau.   These now form distinct faith communities within the new parish.   Each retains its unique identity while sharing in the wider life of the parish.

We are communities on a journey - discovering what it is to be God's people - responding to God who is love and who gives us life.    While members of our faith communities are primarily older and Pakeha we seek to be inclusive, valuing the experiences and gifts of all.    Our worship is normally centered on A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa, though each faith community explores different ways of worshipping and connecting with the wider communities in which they are based.


Joan Edmundson - phone 06 2114294 or mobile 021-930-771 - Email

Associate Priests:
Dot King - phone 06-855-8448 - Email
Deb Sutherland - phone 06-585-7370 - Email
Heather Flavell - phone 06 856-8393 - Email

Associate Deacon:
Rosalie McCullough - phone 06-857-8184 - Email 
Sybil Gibson - phone 06 877 1007 - Email:


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 The Waipawa faith community has six worship centres:
  • St Peter's, Kenilworth Street, Waipawa.   A service is held most Sundays at 10.00am.   This is normally a Eucharist, though occasionally non-eucharistic.  (Contact: Rosalie McCullough)
  • St James', Henderson Street, Otane.  An Anglican Eucharist is normally celebrated on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10.00am.  (Contact: Heather Flavell)
  • From time to time (including Christmas and Easter) services are held at St Francis', Tikokino; Good Shepherd, Onga Onga; Christ Church, Pukehou; Omakere Church Hall

Messy Church is held in St Peter's hall, Kenilworth Street, Waipawa on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 4.00pm (Contact: Chris Wheeler - phone 06-857-5259, Email   Messy Church offers a different way of being Church, involving all ages in a free and creative environment, discovering the love of God.


The Waipukurau faith community gathers at St Mary's Church, St Mary's Road, Waipukurau.

  • A service is held most Sundays at 9.00am.   This is normally a Eucharist, though occasionally non-eucharistic services are held that make special connection with the wider community.  (Contact: Joan Edmondson on phone 06 2114294 or mobile 021-930-771)
  • From time to time services are held at St Peter's Wallingford

Family Fellowship meets regularly, with a focus on women's interests and a choir is an integral part of the life of the faith community.

Takapau, Norsewood & Ormondville 

The Takapau faith community is rooted in both the Anglican and Presbyterian traditions, and the two have a strong sense of common purpose.   There are three worship centres.  (Contact: Dot King 06-855-8448)

  • St Mark's, cnr of Sydney and Walter Streets, Takapau.    A service is normally held every Sunday at 9.00am.
    • 1st Sunday a Presbyterian Communion
    • 2nd Sunday an Anglican Eucharist
    • 3rd Sunday an informal service
    • 4th Sunday an Anglican Inter-generational Eucharist
  • St David's, Norsewood.    A Presbyterian Communion is normally celebrated on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10.30am.
  • Church of the Epiphany, Ormondville.   An Anglican Eucharist is normally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.45am

 Pizza, Prayer & Pinot is an informal gathering in the late afternoon of the 5th Sundays, and rotates around the area.   It's an informal gathering for fellowship and worship.

Enliven Community Cafe meets fortnightly at Takapau, and often includes a guest speaker or activity.   Aimed at those over 60.


St Michael's Church is 5km from Porangahau Beach  

  • Services are held occasionally on significant occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and Sea Sunday (in winter).    A monthly service is normally celebrated on the Marae on the 1st Sunday.